Optical Toslink Patch-cord / Digital Converters Repeaters


Toslink Connector, Metal ferrule plastic shell

All Metal Toslink Connector (colors from top): Gold Yellow; Red; Violet; Light Brown; Blue; Silver

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Toslink to Toslink Optical Cable.
Digital audio cables for Dolly Digital and DTS surround sound receivers, DVD players, CD players, mini-disk players and recorders, MP3 and DAT recorders, professional Audio Cards for Computer Digital Audio workstations, Outboard AD/DA Converters and satellite dish receivers. Compatible with S/PDIF, ADAT's, DAW's and Dolby Digital DTS audio devices using the Toslink interface. 5mm diameter High Transmissivity Optical Digital Audio Cable. Precision termination for accurate sound reproduction.
All Metal Toslink Connector, colors available: Gold Yellow; Red; Violet; Light Brown; Blue; Silver.

Toslink to Toslink Adaptor

Toslink to Mini-Plug Converter



Color Toslink to Toslink Cables: Green; Orange; Blue. Metal ferrule plastic shell.

Part #C2O

Coaxial (S/PDIF) to Optical Converter (for Toslink Connectors)

It turns the electronic digital signal to the optical digital signal.

Part #O2C

Optical to Coaxial (S/PDIF) Converter (for Toslink Connectors)

It turns the optical digital signal into the electronic digital signal.


Part #O2O

Optical to Optical Repeater (for Toslink Connectors)

This device makes it possible to connect digital audio equipment over longer distances than 25 meters (82.5feet).  It is also possible to make a digital infrastructure and connect different rooms with each other with the use of this repeater.

Optical Transmitter Receiver
High speed signal transmission (8 Mbps, NRZ signal)
Input TTL compatible
+3V low voltage single power supply
Low power consumption
Wavelength 660nm
Distance 20 Meters       Click for more information

Universal Serial Bus Sound Adapter.
Can replace sound card.

- Link PC to Home Stereo.
- Plug N Play.
- Input: USB .
- Output:  Toslink Optical.
- Output:  3.5mm Stereo Jack
- LED indicator showing the status

Accessories included:.
- USB Cable.
- Digital Optical Cable (Toslink).
- Quick Installation Guide

PC Multimedia Speakers or 
Walkman with Recording Function

OS Compatibility Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP

Minimum CPU Speed 166Mhz

1-IN / 2-OUT Splitter for Toslink

These splitters allot Toslink optical output signal to two receivers or recorders. An optimal effect can be achieved while playback and recording tasks are undertaken simultaneously.


Digital Optical Selector for Toslink (Passive Rotary type)

3 - IN  / 1 - OUT


analog to digital converter Analog-to-Digital Converter with Video Enhancement 

- Analog audio and video Input .
- Digital optical or coaxial Output.



Toslink to Miniplug,  MiniPlug to Miniplug

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