Optical Loss Test Set

Optical Loss Test Set OLTS100 Series 


The OLTS100 Optical Loss Test Sets are cost effective test units that combine the performance and dependability of popular M100 Optical Power Meter with the solid stability of fiber optic light sources, all packaged in a single, compact, easy to use, unit. The OLTS100 Optical Loss Test Set was designed to be configurable, to address a wide range of applications, including CATV, LAN, TELCO and testing requirements common to the manufacture of optical components and systems. Features include a 4 digit, .01dB resolution display readout, Store Reference feature with unique references for each wavelength, nonvolatile storage of reference values and setup conditions, low battery detection, Auto shutoff / power save mode, temperature compensated circuitry, 70dB of measurement range, .25 dB accuracy, 3 factory calibrated wavelengths, and a versatile universal 2.5mm detector port that's compatible with FC, ST, SC, DIN, and E2000 connectors (also available with threaded interface and FC adapter cap) without costly replacement adapter caps. Source characteristics include temperature compensation circuitry, CW mode for attenuation testing or source modulation mode for use with fiber identifiers. Source options now include single or dual wavelength LED, with Laser and Visual Fault Locator versions available soon.
Unit P/N Source Wavelength(s) Application Price (U S)
OLTS100-850L 850nm LAN $ 469.00
OLTS100-850 850nm LAN $ 539.00
OLTS100-1300L 1300nm LAN $ 579.00
OLTS100-1300 1300nm LAN $ 649.00
OLTS100-8513L 850nm, 1300nm LAN $ 699.00
OLTS100-8513 850nm, 1300nm LAN $ 759.00
Optical Characteristics: TA=23°C ±5°C
Detector Characteristics:  
Type Germanium photo-diode
Active Diameter:  
Standard 2mm
(L versions) 1mm
Spectral Response 780nm - 1800nm
NEP (typical) .4pw/Hz½
Measurement Range:  
Standard +5dBm to -65dBm
(A versions) +20dBm to -65dBm
Resolution .01dB
        standard ±.25dB (+5dBm to -55dBm)
±.5dB (-55dBm to -65dBm)
        with dual Level option ±.25dB (+20dBm to -55dBm)
±.5dB (-55dBm to -65dBm)
Calibrated Wavelengths 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm
Detector Interface Universal 2.5mm detector port(FC ST, SC, etc..), FC
Source Specifications:  
LED Sources:  
Emitter Type GaAlAs SLED
Central Wavelength 850nm
Spectral Bandwidth 50nm
Fiber Coupled Power (typ.) -20 dBm      (50um core)
 "            "            "  -17 dBm      (62.5um core)
 "            "            "  -13 dBm      (100um core)
Po Temperature coefficient (typ.) -.01 dB/°C
Connector Style(s) STTM
Emitter Type InGaAsP SLED
Central Wavelength 1300nm
Spectral Bandwidth 170nm
Fiber Coupled Power (typ.) -20 dBm     (50um core)
"            "            "  -17 dBm     (62.5um core)
"            "            "  -13 dBm     (100um core)
Po Temperature coefficient (typ.) -.025 dB/°C
Connector Style(s) STTM
Dual LED Source versions Combines Specifications of the 850 and 1300nm LED's 
in a dual port configuration.
Environmental Characteristics:  
Temperature Range:
Operating -10°C to +50°C
Storage -55°C to +65°C
Humidity (non-condensing) 5 - 95% RH
Mechanical Specifications:  
Size 7" x 3.3" x 1.3"
Weight .5 lb
Power Requirements:  
Battery Type 9 Volt Alkaline
Battery Life (typical) 30 hours

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